Driver Name: __________________

Social Security No. ______________

You Buy, I’ll Fly,

Independent Contractor Delivery Driver and Policy Agreement

I ____________________________________________________ understand and agree to the terms in this contract, dated ________________

1. I understand that I am an Independent Contract Driver. This agreement shall remain in full force and effective for a 1 year period beginning on the date first written above and continuing thereafter on a year to year basis. Either Party may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause. ___________ Contractor initials

2. I understand that additions or deletions can be made at any time to this contract policy agreement by You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery service and I will be provided with a new copy to review and understand in a timely manner before signing to determine if I wish to continue with contract or decline. ____________ Contractor initials

3. I understand that I am responsible for filing my own taxes with the Internal Revenue Service and Resident State Revenue Department. You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service will provide me with a 1099 form. __________ Contractor initials

4. I understand that my rate of pay will be based on a 60% Commission of the delivery charge cost per order that I have completed + 100% of customer tip. _______________ Contractor initials

5. I will not be compensated for deadhead miles between last trip destination and new trip origin. ______________ Contractor initials

6. I understand it is not the responsibility of You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Services to reimburse me for personal expenses. I will not be compensated for personal expenses incurred during job deliveries such as and not limited to: meals, cellular phone usage, fuel, motor vehicle violation tickets due to negligence and accidents. _________________Contractor initials

7. I understand that You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service does not guarantee, nor am I obligated to deliver a specific amount of orders, or earn a specific amount of revenue, or work a specific amount of hours, or work specific days of the week. Any revenue I generate or pay I receive from You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service will be solely for individual job deliveries I accept to complete and have completed._______________ Contractor initials

8. I understand that You Buy I’ll Fly Delivery Service does not guarantee a specific or average amount of revenue/pay. I retain full control and discretion on any delivery jobs I choose to accept, I retain full control and discretion on the amount of hours I choose to work, I retain full control and discretion on the hours and days I choose to work; thus I retain full discretion on the potential revenue I may or may not generate based on the delivery jobs I accept or do not accept to complete for You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service. I shall have no obligation to accept or perform any particular "Delivery Opportunity" (as that term is defined herein) offered by You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service. However, once a Delivery Opportunity is accepted, I shall be contractually bound to complete the Contracted Services in accordance with all consumer specifications and the terms laid out in this Agreement.

_______________Contractor initials

9. I understand that You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service, Inc. does not guarantee a profit. I understand that I may even incur losses due to unforeseeable complications with the delivery job or due to damages or penalties caused to my the motor vehicle or to You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service as a result of my negligence or failure to adhere to DOT regulatory requirements. ___________ Contractor initials

11. I agree to follow and uphold all regulations set by the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. ______________ Contractor Initials

12. I will use due care and caution in the operation of my delivery vehicle and will strictly comply with all safe driving rules of the road, including all speed limits, posted directional signs and parking regulations. Under no circumstances will I operate my delivery vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or when my physical or mental condition may be otherwise impaired. I understand that You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service has a zero tolerance policy and does not permit anything that is deemed contraband or illegal by the laws of the United States of America and accept full responsibility and penalties due to my own actions regarding this policy. ______________ Contractor Initials

13. I agree to maintain my automobile insurance (including coverage for Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Personal Liability) AT ALL TIMES while using my vehicle for delivery and will inform my employer if my insurance coverage is changed, canceled or not renewed. _______________Contractor initials

14. I understand that MY insurance is responsible if I am involved in an accident that causes injury or damage to another person and/or their property. I am also aware that my employer’s insurance DOES NOT cover my vehicle for comprehensive or collision coverage. ______________Contractor initials

14. I understand, acknowledge and give You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service permission to withdraw and/or deduct monies from my net revenue/pay for the following conditions:

A) Damaged delivery orders due to my negligence. ___________ Contractor Initials

B) Any charges or penalties assessed for my failure to deliver load on time due to my negligence. ___________Contractor Initials

C) Any physical damage they I may occur on customers property while delivering if I am in an accident or incident due to my negligence ___________ Contractor Initials

D) Any Towing charges for my vehicle ____________ Contractor Initials

E) Liability damages to another party or parties personal property if I am found at fault in an accident or due to my negligence. ___________ Contractor Initials

F) I understand that this is not a complete list of items that may arise that could affect deductions from my revenue/pay and that I have the right to submit a written rebuttal to You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service for consideration of reversal of deductions from wages for items listed and not listed. _______________ Contractor Initials

I _______________________________________________ certify that I have read, understand and agree to the provision of This contract and have received a copy of this contract.

Contract Driver Signature _________________________________________

Date ________________________________________

Witness Printed Name and Signature __________________________________________


Date _________________________________________

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