Food Delivery Agreement

You Buy, I’ll Fly, a company organized and existing under the laws of the State of Washington, having offices at {811 Argyle Ave, Friday Harbor, Washington}, USA (hereinafter referred to as "You Buy I’ll Fly")


Name of Restaurant: _________________ Located at: ______________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________

(hereinafter referred to as "The Restaurant")

WHEREAS, The Restaurant is engaged in the production and sale of food and is interested in using You Buy, I’ll Fly Delivery Service to transport food to residential and commercial businesses within and around the San Juan Island, Washington area.

NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto hereby agree to the following:

This agreement shall end on: _____________________________ at which time the parties will enter into good-faith negations to create another agreement period.

Scope of the Agreement:

This Agreement shall govern all orders and subsequent deliveries made by You Buy I’ll Fly. This agreement sets forth expectations of You Buy I’ll Fly and expectations of The Restaurant.

You Buy I’ll Fly Responsibilities in exchange:

You Buy I’ll Fly will perform/assure the following;

A) Will ensure orders specified to The Restaurant are accurate,

B) Will be responsible for sales tax at the time of order payment,

C) Will ensure all You Buy I’ll Fly employees represent the products of The Restaurant in a professional manner - this will be accomplished with in-house training and support,

D) Will handle food in compliance with Food Safety and Inspection Service guidelines – this will be accomplished with training PDF’s available on,

E) Will not seek refunds for product complaints that are the result of poor handling by You Buy I’ll Fly employees,

F) Will not seek refunds for misrepresentation of prices on on-line menus or databases maintained by You Buy I’ll Fly,

G) Will, without charge, create a web presence for The Restaurant on

H) Will maintain an appropriate ‘raw seafood or other raw meats consumption warning‘ on its website and in its Terms of Service (TOS),

I) And, will create, post, and promote the Restaurant’s menu online, engage drivers and hire dispatchers as necessary to deliver The Restaurant’s food. You Buy I’ll Fly reserves the right to choose the paper, printer, fonts, type sizes and distribution method necessary to create and distribute menu guides, flyers, mailers, newsletters and posting to the internet

For the above assurances, You Buy I’ll Fly request in exchange, The Restaurant;

A) Agree to not enter into a contract with any other Delivery Service for the length of this agreement,

B) Agree to a 15% commission on the total food order, (sales taxes shall be calculated at full value if required),

C) Agree to provide refunds of products that are the result of poor quality or otherwise improperly prepared,

D) Agree to allow in-restaurant marketing of services if aesthetic concerns of The Restaurant are agreed to,

E) Agree to provide an accurate menu and prices to You Buy I’ll Fly and keep You Buy I’ll Fly informed of any product or price changes as they occur,

F) Agree to provide appropriate containers and portion control products for the food to be delivered,

G) And, I’ll consider creating a “Delivery” menu in the event the normal menu proves too difficult to manage on-line.

Indemnify Clause:

In general, both You Buy I’ll Fly and The Restaurant agree to indemnify and hold each other harmless from and against any and all such legal complaints that arise from doing business together.

Signature of Parties to this Agreement:

Printed Name: ______________________________ Signature: ______________________________

Date: _________________________

Printed Name: ______________________________ Signature: ______________________________

Date: _________________________

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